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Ragdoll Olympics – Fun for about Two Minutes

Okay, folks, here’s the thing. We all know that a game called Ragdoll Olympics is not vying for game of the year or trying to be the next, well, anything. It’s just a silly time-waster that is meant for a few laughs.

And that makes sense.

Ragdoll physics in more expensive console games can be a riot. Whether it’s because of a glitch or through the cruelty of your own player character, seeing a helpless NPC get tossed around – like a ragdoll – with all his limbs flopping about is hilarious.

But even silly time wasters have a purpose. Take Goat Simulator for example. That game is not intended to draw you in with its storyline or character. It’s meant to crack you up, surprise you with its nonsense and maybe shock you here and there with how much mayhem you can create. It’s multi-layered in its appeal, god help us.

Other time wasters, like basically every mobile game, have a great puzzle element that slowly builds level after level. They have a literally addictive quality that makes millions of fans drool over power-ups and one-ups, and then they plunk down real money to get more of them and advance to the next level.

Ragdoll Olympics… isn’t that. It isn’t even QWOP – its most obvious competitor. No, Ragdoll Olympics is something to show a friend so they can get a kick out of the limp white runner’s groaning and flopping about and then you can get a kick out of watching them stop enjoying it by the 3rd level. Because that is what will happen.

Whereas games like the fun but ridiculous QWOP or the almost surreal Octodad make a joke out of how impossible they are, Ragdoll Olympics feels more like a prank. “You thought this was just a goofy point and click with quick rewards and results but – HAH – jokes on you!” As soon as you kind of know what you’re doing, it’s just one frustration after another.

Look, if you are masochistic enough to take the time to advance past the frustrating 3rd level in spite of the very limited reward it gives, then good for you and you may enjoy the satisfaction. As for me, I’m heading back to QWOP.

You find Ragdoll Olympics here! Try it out!!

(via Game News)

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