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Presidents vs Terrorists: A timely game about chasing out terrorists with a touch of parody

This is a timely game with the world leaders pitted against terrorists in the real world. The characters are hilarious cartoon drawings. For example, Putin is shirtless with a pair of camouflage fatigues on. President Obama has on a suit with a big grin on his face. The Queen of England is wearing a powder blue suit and a hat to match. Angela Merkel the Prime Minister of Germany is the last leader who is wearing a green skirt suit. French President Hollande is there and also wearing a suit. He is the one on stage at a rally in a stadium speaking to a large crowd.

The game starts with Hollande hitting a terrorist with a large French baguette. There is a launch meter that floats from top to bottom. Hollandes objective is to hit the terrorist when the meter is at the top. This will send the bad guy soaring through the air. As he drops down he falls on top of other armed terrorists and bounces forward. Players earn points for each fallen bad guy and a percentage for injuries listed as ‘Troll’s Injuries’. The key is to keep him in the air as long as possible so he runs into all the world leaders.

Each leader is randomly included in the game as they run on the field with terrorists. They have a weapon to hurt the criminal that is soaring in the air. If he falls in front of a leader, they use their weapon. Obama punches the guy repeatedly. The Queen is carrying a purse with the British flag. She uses it to hit him. There is a counter that keeps track. The more punches the higher the troll injuries number goes. At the end of each assault, the terrorist floats through the air further down the track.

Obama and the Queen are the first to have a crack at the criminal. Merkel is next followed by Putin. You have to play the game several times to reach Merkel. The music is a good choice for a running game. You can turn it off along with the sound of a crowd that is cheering the action on. This game can be a bit addictive, because of several factors. The first is trying to hit the bad guy when the launch meter is at the top. The second is when each leader whacks at him. You can actually feel anticipation building.

Presidents vs Terrorists! Enjoy!

(via Guru of Games and new Flashgames)

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