– with Ships!

Set sail for the high seas in this battle for territory and dominance across these waters. (gameplay) is an interactive arcade game in which you compete against many other online users to stake your claim for sea territory. Do you have what it takes to hire and command a crew that will propel you through treacherous battles? Find out today with Continue reading

Super Soccer Noggins: A cool football game with nice features

This is a fun online soccer game with features that allow players to choose their team from popular countries including Germany, Russia, Poland, Spain, and nine others. The background consists of a green field with a goal for each team. A large stadium with fans is also in the background as a looming shadow. Each name of the countries playing is displayed at the top of the screen with the score between them. There is music that can be controlled at the top left screen. Continue reading

Riddle Transfer 2 – A Transfer of Riddles

Riddle Transfer 2 is the sequel to “Riddle Transfer” – and it wants you to know it. From the moment the game opens with a strange low-res pursuit of 4 children down a long hallway, the game constantly refers back to characters, puzzles, and concepts from the original game. For those of us that have never played the original, this leaves us with the sensation of listening to one side of a conversation, never sure exactly what is being spoken about. Continue reading

Surviving in can be really tricky” is a massively multiplayer, top-down perspective, twin-stick shooter that has you controlling a tank that fires projectiles against targets and other players. As you shoot down more targets, represented by different colored shapes, and players, you gain experience points. Continue reading

Happy Wheels: An odd game based on physics that you can play on your browser at any time

Happy Wheels is something that asks you think about how you would use science to reach your goals, and the game is going to force you into new situations where you must consider what it would be like to move the Happy Wheels to the right place. You do this kind of thinking when you are playing pool, but the game goes even farther to show you that you must think in three dimensions. Continue reading