Kick It Like Beckham In Bicycle Kick Master!

There was a time in internet history where browser based web games ruled the entertainment landscape. As time has marched on and smart phones have evolved, browser based games have fallen by the wayside, and this is a real shame. Browser based games tend to be simple and elegant with the best among them being marvelous time wasters that we find ourselves anxious to get back to playing the instant we shut down the computer. Fortunately is still hosting these wonderful little games, and that brings us to today’s review of Bicycle Kick Master.

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Akinator: The Internet’s Prophet!

Akinator is an Internet mastermind of 20 questions currently taking the online world by storm. With 329,165,741 games played up to date, you can bet that this genie has all of the right algorithms. Although Akinator can ask more than 20 questions, he can usually pinpoint even the most obscure characters you can think of, which is rather amazing.

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Don’t repeat the fate of the Titanic in the new IO game BattleBoats!

Battleboats is a simple little game you can play for free in a multiplayer environment. You command a ship that starts out as a small boat, but grows to a multi-turreted battleship as you progress through the game. There are dozens of supply boxes, marked “XP” that you sail around trying to collect. As you gain more of them, they upgrade your ship step by step. They keep respawning, so even if others get the XP box you were headed for, there will definitely be more to come. Continue reading – The Zombie IO-Game! is a defense strategy game where you are running a gold mine. During the day you can get resources like wood and stone but at night zombies come and attack your mine. However, they will not start attacking you until you place your gold stash, so you have the opportunity to stock up on resources before you start getting gold and earning points. Continue reading

Endless Truck : The endless drive!

Ever since Trials HD achieved mainstream popularity in 2009 on the Xbox 360, there have been many games attempting to emulate its gameplay. This surge of similar games is primarily due to how simple the Trials HD formula is: Race a vehicle that uses real-world physics through an obstacle course without crashing. Endless Truck, a Web-based browser game, is the latest in a long line of Trials HD clones. Continue reading